Futurist and Event Speaker

Simon is a futurist and event speaker who delivers insanely engaging keynote presentations. Armed with first-hand experiences, well crafted stories and thoughtful reflections, Simon helps others better understand what the future will bring so they can successfully navigate its risks, challenges and opportunities.

Utilising live mixed video and audio Simon’s keynotes create an immersive experience that inevitably result in strong audience engagement. Each of different keynotes is a provides a thoughtful provocation that will generate ongoing discussion long after the event is over. 

Check out Simon’s LIVE Speaking Guide to get a taste for what he does or get in touch to discuss how he can add something special to your next event.

Keeping it old school? You can download a printable version here. Or better yet, contact Sunny using the contact form below and she will send you a printed copy complete with limited edition holographics sticker (no really)!


If you’re considering Simon for an upcoming event the first step is to check his availability (you can do that by filling out the form below or contacting Sunny on 1300 66 55 85 (within Australia). 

Assuming your preferred dates are available we can arrange a call with Simon over your video-conferencing platform of choice to discuss your requirements.

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