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Championing a humane approach to technology

We are constantly being blindsided by technology. Activities that were previously considered the sole domain of humans such as driving vehicles and helping diagnose cancer are now being done (often more successfully) by machines. As the rate of technology-driven change continues to increase, a very legitimate question arises: what type of work will be left for us?

It turns out that the progress of technology is more predictable than we think and there are actions that we can take to improve our long-term relevance. Beyond that, we can also find ways to use technology to free our time from mundane tasks and invest in the uniquely human qualities that enrich our lives.

What it covers

#technology #strategy #IT #leadership


For leadership teams who acknowledge that in a world of digital disruption every option needs to be on the table.

Timing (when in the program)

A mind opening keynote that is a great way to begin your conference and set the scene for great things to come.

Simon's speech on how to use technology was breathtaking. His depth of knowledge is second to none. Add to that a presentation that uses video and music and you have an experience you'll never forget!
Colin Ellis
Getting Shit Done Club


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