scenarios 2025

download four scenarios exploring the Australian business landscape through to 2025

Do you know what 2025 will bring for your business? Normally we might think we have a pretty good grasp of the future. But with the uncertainty of the last 18 months the past is a less and less reliable predictor of the future.

Conversations with business leaders over the last few months have made it clear no one has a clear picture on what 2022 might look like, let alone 2025. Yet at the same time people are being asked to make strategic decisions such as investments in technology, long term property leases and workforce management strategies. How can this be done effectively without a clear picture of the world those decisions will play out in?
The reality is, in times of great uncertainty traditional ‘planning’ based approaches to the future break down. Instead of a single plan, we need a way of exploring and testing strategic options to see if and when they might be viable. This is the power of scenario planning (you can read more about scenario planning here).
This set of four scenarios has been created to help Australian business leaders make more considered decisions about the future. The explore the impact of COVID and how remote and flexible work arrangements might play out over the next few years. And they are absolutely free.
The email series will include one scenario being shared per day for the first four days (each scenario will also be accompanied by a set of strategic questions to help you dive a little deeper into the future), on the fifth day, you will be sent a link to download an e-book that contains all four scenarios plus a detailed explanation of how the scenarios were developed.
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