Simon is a futurist and business advisor who helps boards and leadership teams make better strategic decisions through the development and application of future scenarios. 

Unlike other strategic planning approaches that aim to define a single preferred future for an organisation to aim at, scenarios acknowledge that the future is complex and unpredictable. Rather than predict one future and be guaranteed to get it wrong, scenario planning helps decision makers understand the ‘boundary of the future’ through multiple scenarios that are all credible, equally probable and yet entirely different. 

There are many benefits of the scenario planning process. It results in decision makers thinking more deeply and critically about the trends shaping their organisation’s future. It encourages greater flexibility and responsiveness as operating conditions change. And it provides a basis for identifying new strategic options, as well as testing existing ones. 

Both in his work as part of Rio Tinto’s internal scenario planning team and as an external facilitator, Simon has taken hundreds of leaders through the scenario planning process. Not only does his expertise as a futurist bring a global perspective to the scenarios, his experience as a facilitator means he’s adept at hosting the inevitable strategic conversations this approach initiates.

Since its inception in the 1960’s by Royal Dutch Shell, scenario planning has helped leading global organisations outperform their competitors. But you don’t need a full-time scenario planning team to take advantage of this approach. The scenario planning approach can be tailored to address strategic challenges of all shapes and sizes. 

To read more about how scenario planning works and the benefits it can generate, you can read some of Simon’s blog posts on the topic below.

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All of Simon’s scenario planning workshops are tailored to the unique requirements of the client. As part of the design phase, he will work with you to understand your current situation and the strategic challenges you’d like to address. Simon will then create a scenario planning and facilitation process that brings the right people along to create clarity and buy-in to your strategic direction.

To arrange a time to talk to Simon, please fill in the form below. Alternatively, you can reach out to Simon’s business manager Sunny on 1300 66 55 85 (within Australia).

Having been part of many strategic planning processes over the years, the approach Simon used resulted in one of the best outcomes I’ve experienced. Not only did we reach agreement across management and the Board, Simon’s advice and ‘deep thinking’ approach realised a projected future for the business that none of us had ever really thought possible. THANK YOU!
Sharon Robertson