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what will myli look like 20 years from now?

Hey team,

We’re going to be working together to develop a series of future scenarios that will help shape Myli’s 20-year strategic plan. The first stage of the scenario development process is to do an ‘environmental scan’ to identify factors that may influence your future.

To make sure we identify as many diverse factors as possible, we need a diverse selection of people to participate…and that includes you. The process will take about 30 minutes of your time and below I’ve included a series of three downloads to help you in this process.

  1. An information sheet that details the environmental scanning process
  2. A worked example of what we’d like you to create
  3. A downloadable template (.xls) that you can use to capture the output of your scan

The scanning process needs to be completed by this Friday 11th February to give us time to collate and develop the scenarios. Please email your completed templates to You can also use this email address to ask any questions (or you can use the contact form below).

See you in the future! Simon Waller

PS. Want to understand more about the power of scenario planning? Check out this video by Royal Dutch Shell who pioneered the practice of scenario planning more than 50 years ago.



This information sheet lays out the environmental scanning process. The best place to start!


This is a worked example that will show you what the output of an environmental scan looks like.


This is a downloadable excel spreadsheet that you can use to capture and share the output of your environmental scan.

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If you have a question, please fill up the form below. 

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Assuming your preferred dates are available we can arrange a call with Simon over your video-conferencing platform of choice to discuss your requirements.