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Simon motivates audiences to take control of their future. In a world where we are being constantly blindsided by technological advancement, people need to be making smarter decisions about how they use technology in both their work and their lives.

Over the past decade Simon has been exploring how we to use technology more effectively. Over that time he has reshaped his work and his life through a series of small experiments. He’s tested out virtual organisations, 30-hour weeks, remote work, unlimited leave, and flexible teams. Most recently, he spent three months living and working in a campervan with his family to better understand attitudinal shifts around work-life balance and to see what it’s like to be a genuine digital nomad.

Simon’s presentations not only serve to build awareness of what the future will bring, they motivate and inspire people to shape the future for themselves and those around them.

Keeping it old school? You can download a printable version here. Or better yet, contact Sunny using the contact form below and she will send you a printed copy complete with limited edition holographics sticker (no really)!


If you’re considering Simon for an upcoming event the first step is to check his availability (you can do that by filling out the form below or contacting Sunny on 1300 66 55 85 (within Australia). 

Assuming your preferred dates are available we can arrange a call with Simon over your video-conferencing platform of choice to discuss your requirements.

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