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Hey team,

I’ll be coming in to visit your TEC group shortly. This will be a super hands on workshop where you will start developing a set of scenarios around a particular business challenge you are currently facing.

To get the most out of our time together it would be beneficial to think about your strategic challenge in advance. When thinking about the right strategic focus for the workshop the following two criteria might help serve as a guide

  1. It’s important. The decision has significant financial or personal implications
  2. It’s uncertain. The outcomes are unknown or unpredictable


I appreciate you are all super busy and making time to think about this in advance can be challenging…BUT the workshop will be significantly more valuable if you have a meaningful strategic problem to work on.

See you in the future!
Simon Waller

Want to understand more about the power of scenario planning? Check out this video by Royal Dutch Shell who pioneered the practice of scenario planning more than 50 years ago.

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