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The Pendulum of Events is in Full Swing

To say it’s been a rough 12 months for the corporate events industry would be the grossest of understatements. For close to a year, large-scale, in-person events were non-existent and suddenly virtual events became all the rage. But as we’ve emerged from lockdown and sense of normalcy has returned to our lives,

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Beware of edge examples

Last week, the interwebs were all a flutter with a video of a monkey playing pong. The video was uploaded by Neuralink, a start up backed by Elon Musk with the goal of creating brain/technology interfaces, and shows a nine year old macaque monkey playing the classic computer game pong using

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Don’t fake familiarity

Last week in a coaching session with some of my digital champions, we were discussing how to automate customer satisfaction surveys. They had recently implemented an SMS-based survey system that had impressive response rates but poor quality (it turns out people are not inclined to write long detailed survey responses

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Managing the risks of virtual events

Australia is currently dealing with its second wave of COVID-19. And event organisers, many of who were hoping to ride things out until we return to normal, are facing the realisation that ’normal’ may be a long way away.    Of course some have seen the current environment as an opportunity to

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