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all the possible futures

interactive scenarios that bring the future into the present

Understanding the future is the ultimate competitive advantage. Defining strategies and making decisions become a whole lot easier if you already know where the future is taking us.

So, how can we possibly know the future?

A distinct lack of hoverboards and robotic assistants reminds us that the future is not entirely predictable. But our inability to accurately predict the exact future doesn’t stop us from defining the possible futures we will face.

Using scenario planning, the approach made famous by Royal Dutch Shell, Simon investigates the drivers of change in your operating environment and develops vivid, memorable stories of your organisation’s possible futures.

These stories are delivered through an interactive and immersive experience that leaves participants with rich memories of the future that will shape decisions and create impact long after your event is over.

It turns out that the progress of technology is more predictable than we think and there are actions that we can take to improve our long-term relevance. Beyond that, we can also find ways to use technology to free our time from mundane tasks and invest in the uniquely human qualities that enrich our lives. 

What it covers

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This is ideally suited for large organisations and industry events

Timing (when in the program)

This keynote requires a significant investment of time and should ideally be scheduled as an all of morning event.

Simon is a great asset to any event
Zoë Routh
Edge of Leadership Conference


If you’re considering Simon for an upcoming event the first step is to check his availability (you can do that by filling out the form below or contacting Sunny on 1300 66 55 85 (within Australia). 

Assuming your preferred dates are available we can arrange a call with Simon over your video-conferencing platform of choice to discuss your requirements.


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